Five Essential Traits of Web Designers

If you have an artistic nature, you can express it in a number of professions. For example, you can become an interior designer, art teacher, graphic designer or, fashion designer. If you enjoy computers and working online, your options expand to web developer, webmaster, or a specialist in e-commerce, just to name a few. If you want a career that uses both your interest in the Internet and your design skills, a career in web design may be the right choice for you. The following are five traits you need to have in order to succeed in this dynamic and creative field.

Passion for the Internet. For web designers the Internet is a source of endless fascination. They spend hours surfing the Web, looking at and comparing web sites. They know the latest technologies and keep up with changes in standards and media. Aesthetic sense. Website designers know what looks good and what does not. Their natural aesthetic sense is a quality that can be enhanced and fine tuned, but cannot be learned from books. They take pleasure in beauty and balance, and know how to make things “work” visually. Creative and artistic. Web designers not only appreciate great design, they know how to create it.

They can use computer programs to create eye-catching graphics, exciting animation, captivating videos, and other media tools to entice and engage users. Work well with other people. Website designers translate other people’s ideas and objectives into graphic and functional designs. They know how to listen and respond. They do not impose their own ideas, but know how to communicate their ideas for achieving their clients’ goals. Problem solver. Web design is like a puzzle: designers have to figure out how to express concepts and information attractively and functionally. Web designers use their artistic abilities and computer skills to solve communication problems in order to attain the desired results.

Many skills can be learned, but traits are a part of who we are. If you are considering becoming a web designer but you lack any of the above, you ought to consider professions that use your innate qualities. You just might find a better match between who you are and what you do.