Best Landing Page: Explained

Do you know what a landing page is? Recently, Best Web site Designers learned that many organizations have misconceptions about landing pages. So, we gathered the most frequently asked questions about landing pages.

What is the purpose of a landing page?

Landing pages are an economical, measurable marketing instrument for transforming the targeted site visitor into a prospective customer or client. The purpose of the landing page is for lead generation.

Best landing page fact: While some companies rely on email, social media and traditional forms of marketing, the best landing pages have been found to convert a minimum of 40 percent of targeted traffic into a new lead.

Is a landing page the same as a Web site?

Used to promote an organization’s services or a specific promotion, the landing page is not one in the same with a Web site. Unlike a Web site, which illustrates all of an entity’s products and services, the best landing page promotes one offer, designed to motivate the visitor to subscribe for more information.

What is the distinction of a well-designed landing page?

As with anything, the best landing page exudes stunning, functional design qualities. Unique visitors determine whether they will read a landing page based on two criteria: relevancy and complexity. In other words, is the best landing page is specific to the consumer’s search query and reflects overall reading simplicity.

Does the best landing page include navigation?

On the contrary, the “best landing page” does NOT necessarily include navigation.  Since, landing pages are designed with the intent to obtain contact information (lead generation), navigation is unnecessary.

Can you provide any web design tips for creating a landing page?

The best landing page is comprised of a clean font, bolded headlines, few links and appropriately positioned graphics. Since humans tend to scan for information, use bulleted content.

As graphics tend to capture the visitor’s attention, placement is key. To avoid upstaging the offer or objective of the landing page, position graphics with care and if possible, make the graphic clickable.